Vitamin Foods, Inc. was great in helping me to find vitamins and a healthier quality of life plan that would work for me in my schedule.

               - Kassie – Andover, MA



Vitamin Foods, Inc. was friendly, quick to respond and very knowledgeable about the vitamin world.

               - Olivia – Columbus, OH



Vitamin Foods really helped me with the shingles problem I had been experiencing. My shingle's rash was itching and spreading on my body when he advised me of what vitamins I could use to get some relief. To my surprise, I felt relief almost instantly. By the morning, the rash had started to dry up, and the itching had gone completely away. Within 3 days the rash was almost gone, and I was amazed! I returned to my doctor and he couldn't believe how much I healed. He said it looked as if I didn't even have shingles at all. He asked me what in the world did I do to improve my health from the shingles. I told him it was the vitamins that I received from Vitamin Foods. I have had two friends who have had shingles since I had it, and I told them of my success by using the vitamins from Vitamin Foods. Each of my friends used the vitamins, and they received the same positive result of their shingles going away quickly.  I thank God for Vitamin Foods Inc. vitamins which brought so much healing to my life, as well as my friends! It really helped me with the shingles problem I had been experiencing.

               - Patricia – East Pittsburgh



As someone who has also suffered from acne in the past, the natural, healthy and high-quality foods and vitamins have improved my health immensely.

The professionalism and knowledge the Vitamin Food, Inc. staff has is superior. I’ve asked questions about various products and properties and what they do for our bodies, and I’ve received detailed timely responses. The cost and value of their products are comparable to other companies. Overall you will not be disappointed.

               - Cheryl – Western Pennsylvania



Vitamin Foods Inc. has had a big influence on my health. From being diabetic to now non diabetic, losing 40 plus pounds and understanding what foods and vitamins to consume for my body has taught me great results when you put the right stuff in it. I am forever grateful for the knowledge!

               - Nicole – Las Vegas, NV



I was shocked and so happy to find healthy and great tasting organic foods that satisfied my sweet tooth, but didn’t pack on the pounds alongside the great vitamin choices.

               - Stacy M. – S.East, Pittsburgh



My gynecologist who I have been going to for over 10 years, asked me during my visit in October 2009 if I was a long-distance runner. This was surprising to me because in all of my years going there, he never once asked this question before.

During a visit with a completely different doctor I was asked a similar question.  I visited a new primary care doctor in January 2010 and was asked if I was an athlete. The doctor also stated that few of his patients were of the weight they should be. He said that with the American population becoming increasingly obese, whenever he comes across a patient like me he questions how he or she maintains his or her weight.

Both doctors listened to my heart and respiratory function. What they both heard must have been above normal for them to attribute it to athletics.

I told both doctors that I work out occasionally, but nearly not as much as I should. I know that there was no athletic training that contributed to what they heard. I know that what they heard was attributed to Vitamin Foods, Inc. and their wellness platform and vitamins.

               - C.N. - Pittsburgh, PA



As someone who has also suffered from acne in the past and currently has ultra sensitive skin, Vitamin Foods, Inc. products have never aggravated my skin. I will continue to purchase and tell all of my friends of this natural, healthy and high-quality wellness product line.

                - Elsa - Pennsylvania



I have been learning more and more each day about eating for vitality and wellness, physical, emotionally, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually through the Vitamin Foods, Inc. health and wellness information I received. I have experienced such a huge life change!! My journey has witnessed weight loss in double numbers, for myself, my daughter and my mother, a less intense allergy season, a much clearer face, blemishes and scarring. Prior to changing the way I eat, I was sluggish, lethargic, and had a great deal of difficulty keeping my eyes open while driving, eating dinner, or just relaxing at home. Since eating better with organic foods and taking Vitamin Foods, Inc. vitamins, I no longer feel sluggish, and I can’t recall the last time I felt like doing off behind the wheel!! I’m so grateful for all that this wellness program has provided for me and the legacy I am leaving as a legacy to my daughter!!!

               - Mimi – Ohio