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Are you tired of getting sick? Has feeling sick gotten on your last nerve? Have the doctors’ bills drained your bank account? Is the frustration of having bad health raising your blood pressure to a boiling point?


Well, you’re not alone…A good quality of life seems to be escaping from our country’s daily lives amidst all the threats which exist and diminish our health and well-being. However, there’s hope, and here’s the story of how you’ve ended up on this website at the doorstep of an opportunity to improve your quality of life. So, sit back and peruse through this background to see how Vitamin Foods, Inc. has become a premier “one-stop” health depot to afford you the timely fortuity to acquire what you need to succeed in your health…


Imagine you’re sitting in your mother’s oncologist’s conference room, when he states, "The best we can hope for is that your mother could survive five years at best with this terminal cancer diagnosis, only if she took chemotherapy, radiation treatments and a stem-cell surgery that in and of itself could kill her.” Upon hearing that declaration, our mother attended a health seminar that instructed the participants about the importance of consuming healthy foods. Our family, our lifestyle and culinary business drastically changed. Not only did this new dietary lifestyle put this “incurable” cancerous disease into her ten-year remission without chemotherapy, radiation treatments or surgery, but it also gave us the wisdom and platform to include this newly acquired knowledge with the framework to incorporate it into a new innovative direction within the food science and health consultation departments of our corporation.


We value having this opportunity to promote the importance of taking charge of our own health through natural health means. Optimal health & wellness is not only essential to our family, personally, but it has become our way of life and the primary purpose for our corporation. We have immensely benefited from truly healthy foods and vitamin supplements, and it’s so overwhelmingly gratifying when your health advice and products enrich the quality of life for another human being.


Therefore, it's become our life's mission, after being certified in health and wellness, to assist in enhancing people's day to day lives just as we were able to do with our mom's victory over Multiple Myeloma, a presumed "incurable" cancer. We aim to provide all-natural, health measures to promote outcomes for people’s betterment in regards to: cancer management, weight loss, arthritis maintenance, achieving an athletic competitive advantage, boosting the immune system, energy sustainability, and much.


Our health platform provides health & wellness services and resources toward people’s improved quality of life through: organic food plans, meal plans, an online organic food & vitamin store, 18 different health & wellness nutrition recipe books, virtual grocery store tours, grocery store shopping lists, scientific-based nutritional information for harmful health conditions, kitchen makeovers, career job finder resources and naturally derived science-based knowledge leading our health coaching toward the purpose of enabling individuals and/or their families toward encouragement and lives lived more enjoyably. The health information, health resources, recipes and health products contained on this website are provided as a service to the public. They are not intended to make, express, imply health or disease claims, as the aforementioned promote, and each food product is a natural and organic food ingredient, not a drug. Instead, the health information, health resources, recipes and health products are intended solely for general educational, informational purposes and nutritional support.


The information herein is not intended to replace the medical advice of your physician. You are advised to consult with your physician with regards to matters relating to your health, and in particular, regarding matters that may require diagnosis or medical attention. DO NOT stop taking medications without first consulting with your physician. These statements and products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.




We are a family owned and operated nutrition group that has functioned in the food and health industries since 1999 as restaurateurs, organic food manufacturers, health consultants, health coaches and health & wellness lecturers for the past fifteen years. We are certified in health & wellness nutrition. Our mission is to increase and promote the awareness of life-enhancing health information to people through over 580 health & wellness resources to help restore, and renew their health. Our main goal is to educate, inform, promote and foster good health to the public. As a food manufacturer, we brought to market various culinary products such as barbecue sauce, pies, applesauce, sweet potato casseroles, lemonades, hot chocolate, all-natural, no sugar added organic chocolate candy bars, as well as, our current and most recent creations of: multi-purpose organic ingredient made spices and flours for baking. Designing and producing healthy food items is the cornerstone of what we endeavor to deliver to each person who consumes our culinary creations every time he or she dines.


Hoping the best quality of life for all of you,


Vitamin Foods, Inc.


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