10 Reasons Why Organic Foods Save You Money


10 Reasons Why Organic Foods Save You $$$


                                                      CAN ORGANICS SAVE YOU MONEY?

Bills, bills, bills, and more bills seem to be piling up minute by minute, which nowadays, appear to be a costly dilemma in the majority of our country’s households. High gas prices, rising electric bills, steep hospital expenses, exorbitant medication costs and grocery store receipts are driving many of us further and further into a deficit. The nation’s common thought about organic prices is that they are doing much of the same as the aforementioned, and they are way too expensive and not worth the hefty investment. So, ask yourself: how much is too much for a life of reduced stress, pain and illness?

Although, public perception has labeled organic foods and beverages as being overpriced, the actual analysis of organic versus non-organic foods and beverages has purported a different finding. The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a comparative study on the costs of organic and non-organic foods and beverages. The conclusion of their study stated that healthy and organic foods and beverages cost $1.50 per person per day more than non-organic foods and beverages. Therefore, if you think about it, when you buy a bag of chips, 2 liter soda or lunch meat at the grocery store, then you just exceeded the difference. So, the next time you’re at the store consider more carefully picking up the organic option, because it will save you more than you think!

Below is a list of reasons why buying organic foods and beverages will save you more than you think:

  1. Eating organically inhibits people from getting sick as often as consuming non-organics
  2. Therefore, money wouldn’t have to be spent as much on medical visits to the doctor
  3. No money, then, would have to be spent on medicines
  4. No gas money would be needed to be spent on going to the doctor's office or emergency or hospital or drugstore
  5. You wouldn't have to take off work as much
  6. You would be more productive at work because organics are free of the chemicals that disrupt cognitive function, so, you would think better and you would have more energy
  7. Your family members would tend to be healthier so you wouldn't have to spend gas money going to the hospital for that person or to the drugstore
  8. You would be able to spend more time on other activities that you wouldn't have been able to if you were sick
  9. You won't spend money on junk foods that would cause you to waste more money because you'll be constantly craving them
  10.  The healthier foods satisfy you so you don't overeat.

The above practices will free up money that would otherwise be wasted. Making the decision to buy organics, exclusively, will afford you the opportunity to get more out of the money you have, while at the same time enjoying a better quality of life. Subsequently, you’ll realize that you can’t afford not to eat organically.

Most of all, all of us would rather have more money staying in our bank accounts while experiencing a better quality of life, right? So, let’s start today consumer shopping our way to consuming healthier organic foods and beverages to a healthier you!! 



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